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Hello World!

Welcome to my blog yap corner, where I'll be yappin about my hobbies, coding, and other stuff no one wants to read about. Here's a little snippet about me:

"Babe wake up, new Anthony lore just dropped!"

Hey I'm Anthony, a Computer Science student at the University of Toronto 🎓 and Director of Technology 💻 in the Math and Computer Science Society.

Some of my interests are in Application Development 🧑‍💻, UX Design ✨, and Artificial Intelligence 🛸. A few technologies I have been playing around with recently are AWS, Docker, and Next.js App Router.

Outside of tech, I enjoy playing guitar 🎸 as well as collecting Koroks in Tears of the Kingdom 🧗. I'm most likely getting hit in the face by a volleyball 🏐 or bawling my eyes out to a k-drama 🍿 at the moment.

The Elevator Pitch

Every now and then, I get asked (like twice max) on how to do X or for tips on Y. I hope that these posts not only help me learn & revisit my learning by documenting but also help others learn something new.

In my first job as a software developer, I took development notes and product configs on Notion and Confluence. Throughout that role, the notes kept coming back up from database migrations to production deployments. When onboarding new team members, we ended up mostly going through the notes. I want these posts to serve the same purpose in helping myself and others with the tips and tricks that I find useful. That along with the occasional shitpost.

Here's a few posts that I plan on making with no promises on when to keep an eye out for.

Completing the Pokémon Emerald Pokédex Challenge (Impossible)

Hosting on the Cloud (As a Broke Boi)

👋 Thanks for stopping by!